Therapy is risky.

Therapy is full of life-changing, joyous moments. It’s also full of hard, uncomfortable moments.

I know this firsthand.

It wasn’t until I became a therapy client myself that I understood why it is so hard to trust your therapist. Therapy is risky. It makes you vulnerable. From the moment you call a therapist, you are admitting you need help. That takes bravery and humility. It can take years and years for people to build up the courage to seek help, and many never do. And as soon as the first session, you may find yourself telling your therapist things you’ve never told anyone before. That’s a big deal, and it can be intimidating.

I know, I know… I’m not selling therapy at all, am I? But here’s the thing:

Big risks, like starting therapy, can also have big rewards.

Therapy can help you feel better than you ever thought possible. It can’t fix your problems, but it can help you cope with them confidently. What you learn in therapy can help you reduce stress, have more fulfilling relationships, make major life decisions, and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

The most amazing part is, you already have the capabilities to do these things. You just may not realize it.

You might be thinking… if I already have the capabilities, why even go to therapy?

Well, self-discovery can be treacherous. You may notice things about yourself you don’t like. Ghosts of your past may come back to haunt you – or if they’re already haunting you, you may have to look them in the face. As you begin to change, your whole life could change. Even if it’s changing for the better, that’s a lot to process. Bringing someone supportive and motivating on this journey helps.

I’ll leave you with this: trust your gut. If you start seeing a therapist and don’t think it’s a good fit, whatever the reasons, just quit. You are the expert on you, and you’re the only one who can decide whether or not therapy is worth the risk.

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