Mindful Monday – October 2, 2017

“But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?” – Albert Camus

Other than that weird usage of “man,” I love this quote.

Carl Rogers, one of my all-time favorite psychologists, believes that people are most fulfilled when their beliefs and actions are in congruence. Living out your values is rewarding, whether it’s through work, volunteering, giving your money or time to what is important to you.

I create harmony in my life by trying to incorporate the very mindful practices that I teach others into my daily routine. I believe that doing so makes me a better therapist as well as a better person. It is certainly easier said than done, and will probably be a lifelong project.

How do you create harmony in your life? Comment below or e-mail me at rebeccaaogle@gmail.com.

Have a mindful and harmonious Monday.


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