100 Things to be Grateful for

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I’m re-releasing a post about gratitude from last year, with some small updates. Enjoy!

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” ― A.A. Milne

It’s that time of year again – Thanksgiving! A great reminder to practice gratitude.

Practicing gratitude is one of the best ways to manage depression and anxiety.

Ever try to practice gratitude, but run out of ideas? Well you’re in luck, because here are 100 of mine.

Some of the things on this list are so… basic.

Remember, there are likely people in your own neighborhood who are missing things you take for granted.

A refrigerator may seem like a silly thing to be grateful for… but once yours stops working, you realize how important it is.

You may not be able to tick off everything on this list. Focus your attention on what you do have. It may sound harsh, but the truth is that life doesn’t owe us a damn thing. We are lucky for anything and everything we have.

100 Things to be Grateful for

  1. Somewhere to live
  2. Something to eat
  3. Clothing
  4. Shoes
  5. Winter wear (coat, scarves, hats, etc.)
  6. Access to a working shower and toilet
  7. Access to clean water
  8. Electricity
  9. Somewhere convenient to buy groceries
  10. An internet connection
  11. Air conditioning
  12. Heat
  13. A dishwasher
  14. A garbage disposal
  15. A refrigerator
  16. A stove
  17. An oven
  18. A microwave
  19. Somewhere to wash our clothes
  20. A car, or other mode of transportation
  21. A heart that pumps on its own, or with assisted devices
  22. Muscles that move
  23. Strong bones
  24. Teeth
  25. Any parts of our bodies that do not experience chronic pain
  26. Everything we love about the way our bodies look
  27. The ability to care for our hygiene and grooming
  28. The ability to change our mind
  29. The ability to change our attitude
  30. Eyes that see
  31. Ears that hear
  32. A nose that smells
  33. The ability to taste
  34. The ability to touch
  35. The ability to walk, or to use assisted devices to be mobile
  36. Fine motor skills
  37. The ability to smile
  38. The ability to laugh
  39. The ability to communicate with each other
  40. The ability to read
  41. The ability to write
  42. The ability to count and do basic math
  43. The ability to create music and art
  44. The ability to learn
  45. The ability to grow as a person
  46. The ability to work
  47. A job
  48. The ability to build things
  49. The ability to help others
  50. The ability to forgive
  51. The ability to love
  52. Holding hands
  53. Hugs
  54. Kisses
  55. Sex
  56. A friend or friends
  57. Parents, a parent, or a caregiver
  58. A sibling or siblings
  59. A childhood mentor, teacher, or anyone who believed in you
  60. An adult mentor
  61. A significant other
  62. Children
  63. Grandchildren
  64. Great-grandchildren
  65. Aunts
  66. Uncles
  67. Cousins
  68. Godparents
  69. Chosen family
  70. Anyone in your life you can go to if you need help
  71. Babies
  72. The ability to create life
  73. A pet or pets
  74. A salary, social security, or retirement fund
  75. Health insurance
  76. Access to healthcare
  77. Mental health services
  78. A gym membership
  79. Trees
  80. Flowers
  81. Grass
  82. Public parks
  83. Art
  84. Museums
  85. Freedom of speech
  86. Freedom of religion
  87. Other rights we have in our country of origin
  88. Books
  89. Movies
  90. T.V.
  91. Tea and coffee
  92. Cozy pillows and blankets
  93. Chocolate
  94. Candles
  95. Hot baths and showers
  96. Spa treatments, massage, mani-pedis etc.
  97. Vacations and travel
  98. Time – down time, time to spend with friends and family, etc.
  99. Moments of peace and joy
  100. Life itself

What on this list do you take for granted, that you feel grateful for this season? Comment below.

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