anti-oppressive social work resources

My long-term goal is to make Grounded Counseling, PLLC, an anti-oppressive practice. Difficult (if not impossible) to do as a white, cisgender woman, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.

Come learn alongside me!

Abolitionist Social Work Toolkit – A collection of articles, case studies, and more about the intersection between social work and abolition.

Boston Liberation Health Website – This site provides tons of free info and readings on the Boston Liberation Health model, a theory and method of practice which helps people liberate themselves from various forms of oppression.

The Melanated Social Work Podcast – Four men of color in the field of social work host a podcast where they discuss mental health, social justice, politics, music, and so much more.

Dope Black Social Worker – Kim Young, LCSW is a revolutionary who offers coaching, mentoring, $12 webinars, and social work hangs. You can also follow her on Instagram: @dopeblacksocialworker

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