Three Tips for Managing Envy

I knew I wanted to marry my husband after we had only been dating for a few months. So as friends and acquaintances began getting engaged, I felt happy for them, and at the same time, incredibly envious. I don’t feel proud of these feelings, but I’m sharing them on this blog to make theContinue reading “Three Tips for Managing Envy”

No. More. Quick. Fixes.

Mindful Monday – June 11, 2018 “You cannot see a tree as it grows. Only with time can you see its progress.” – Nicole Addison “Lose belly fat fast with this weird old trick!” “Make 2018 your healthiest year yet!” “Get rid of stress, now!” It is human nature to want a quick fix. That’sContinue reading “No. More. Quick. Fixes.”

Fat Acceptance

What is fat acceptance? I just started learning about fat acceptance (so please contact me with any corrections), but am so pumped about it that I want to tell the world! Similar to the body positive or size activism movement, fat acceptance encourages fat people (especially women) to love their bodies the way they are. Loving fatness is a prettyContinue reading “Fat Acceptance”