Mindful Monday – September 11, 2017

“Treat yourself, your mind, sympathetically, with loving kindness. If you are gentle with yourself, you will become gentle with others.” – Lama Thubten Yeshe Each of us has an inner critic, a voice that tells us we aren’t good enough. Perhaps our parents or teachers were critical of us, and the inner critic echoed whatContinue reading “Mindful Monday – September 11, 2017”

Therapy is risky.

Therapy is full of life-changing, joyous moments. It’s also full of hard, uncomfortable moments. I know this firsthand. It wasn’t until I became a therapy client myself that I understood why it is so hard to trust your therapist. Therapy is risky. It makes you vulnerable. From the moment you call a therapist, you areContinue reading “Therapy is risky.”

Surviving Loneliness

Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt completely alone? Maybe you weren’t getting along with family, and didn’t know who to turn to. Or maybe you were surrounded by family and friends, but didn’t feel like they understood you. Perhaps you were scared of disappointing or worrying others by bringingContinue reading “Surviving Loneliness”