Vulnerability on Social Media

Vulnerability on social media is having A Moment. More than ever before, people are posting photos of their real, untouched bodies on Instagram – fat rolls, stretch marks, and all. People are posting photos of themselves without makeup, or crying. They’re sharing their stories of recovery from trauma, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, and more.Continue reading “Vulnerability on Social Media”

3 Easy Ways for Millennials to Prevent Work Burnout

Work burnout is an epidemic, particularly for high-achieving millennials. In a recent Gallup poll of 7,500 full-time workers, 23% reported feeling burned out “very often or always,” while 44% reported feeling burned out “sometimes.” Many millennials began prepping for college in high school. We were taught that we had to be above average student inContinue reading “3 Easy Ways for Millennials to Prevent Work Burnout”

4 Ways for Millennials to Tackle Financial Stress

It’s no secret that millennials are under more financial stress than the generations that came before us. And it’s not because we’re buying too many avocados.* *because you can never have too many avocados. Kidding… sorta The average U.S. millennial graduating in 2018 has $29,800 in student loan debt, and is making an average salaryContinue reading “4 Ways for Millennials to Tackle Financial Stress”