You are here: An Introduction to Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? Many people think that mindfulness is sitting and thinking about nothing. To most of us, that sounds boring and hard. Good news! There is more to mindfulness than that. Mindfulness is intentionally being aware of what is happening in the present moment. There are many different ways to practice it aside from traditional meditation. Beginners often findContinue reading “You are here: An Introduction to Mindfulness”

Naming your Stress

For many people, Sundays have a religious significance. Some people see Sundays as a day to re-connect with family. I have always seen Sunday as the day to “get things done” before the week starts. Sunday morning I usually start slow, and then jam-pack the afternoon with trips to Costco, Home Goods, the pharmacy… sounds productive right?Continue reading “Naming your Stress”

Mindful Monday – August 7, 2017

Hello everyone! I’m starting a new type of post called Mindful Mondays! Each Monday, I will share a quotation about mindfulness and what it means to me. “Don’t believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that – thoughts.” – Allan Lokos Ever lost your wallet? Or your car keys? Your first thoughts may have gone something like… why did IContinue reading “Mindful Monday – August 7, 2017”

Quittin’ time

Have you been thinking of leaving your job? Recently, I left my old job and started a new one. For me, quitting was a big and stressful decision, and I’ve been wanting to blog about it to help others who are considering it. Below is a list of internal and external signs that it might be quittin’Continue reading “Quittin’ time”