Therapy for Breakups & Life Transitions

Life transitions can throw off even the most peaceful people. Adjusting to life transitions – even the good ones – can be incredibly overwhelming. Read more about some of the life transitions I treat and how I can help.


Breakups can be deeply painful, whether they are initiated by you, the other person, or are mutual. You feel so close to someone, and suddenly, everything is different.

Or, not so suddenly. Sometimes breakups can go on for weeks, months… even years before they come to a conclusion. These on-again-off-again breakups come with their own kind of anguish. Therapy for breakups can help you reflect and get a fresh start. Visit this link to read about one woman’s personal experience of how therapy helped her heal after a breakup.

How can therapy for breakups help me?

  • Process sadness, anger, regret, or confusion
  • Set physical, emotional, and sexual boundaries with your ex
  • Examine what you learned from the relationship
  • Navigate dating and new relationships

What makes Rebecca excel at providing therapy for breakups?

From both personal and professional experience, I understand how difficult breakups are. I will create a non-judgmental space for you to process your feelings, in all their complexity. I can also give actionable steps and feedback to help you move forward confidently.

To find out more about me and my therapy practice, visit this page.


Couple sitting on a bench in a park coping with life transitions

In most cases, divorce is preceded by months of heated arguments, weighted silences, and glimmers of hope that things may work out… only to have that hope smashed into a million pieces.

As if all of that wasn’t hard enough, there’s the aftermath of separating – breaking the news to your kids, parents, and friends. Dealing with their disappointment, confusion or relief. Figuring out who you are without this person with whom you’ve spent so much time. Realizing how the dynamics in your friendships have shifted. Missing just having someone around.

How can therapy help me with divorce?

  • Learn how to cope with any feelings of loneliness, doubt, guilt, regret, or relief
  • Re-discover who you are post-marriage
  • Invest in people and interests who energize you
  • Know if and when you’re ready to start dating again
  • Prioritize what’s most important to you in life, and in a future partner if that’s what you desire

What type of experience does Rebecca have working with divorced people?

I have worked with a number of divorced clients over the years, and have witnessed the difficulties that come along with divorce. I’ve also helped divorced folks become happier and grow as people. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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Loss of Employment

Blonde woman who recently lost her job at a computer

Being laid off or fired, even from a job you hate, can be a huge blow to the ego.

There’s so much uncertainty and overwhelm that comes with job loss. You may be wondering…

How will I make ends meet until I find my next job?

What will I say if interviewers ask about my last position?

What if I’m in the wrong field entirely?

How can therapy help with loss of employment?

  • Work through confusion, hurt, anger, insecurity, or relief
  • Reflect on what you’ve learned from the experience that you’d like to take with you
  • Learn skills to deal with the stress of both not having, and at some point, having a job
  • Find clarity on what next steps you want to take in your career

Why work with Rebecca to cope with loss of employment?

Simply put, I am compassionate and non-judgmental. I am here to help you process your job loss, and put the pieces of your life back together.

Find out more about me and my practice here.

Career Change

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New Baby

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