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Remember, these resources are NOT a substitute for seeing a clinical therapist. They are generalized, not specific. Please adapt them to you or your client’s unique needs.

Mental Health Handouts

Do you have difficulty knowing what your boundaries are? This handout is designed to help you do just that – specifically, in regards to COVID-19 precautions.

Now that you know your personal boundaries (see: handout above), how do you actually make them known and enforce them? This handout has some ideas!

Stressed about November 3 and beyond? Download this FREE, 2-page PDF to create your own plan to cope with election stress. Feel free to print and share.

Are you codependent? And if so, how do you move from toxic relationship patterns to healthy interdependence? Get a brief overview in this free, downloadable worksheet.

Learn how to use grounding techniques to cope with anxiety and/or trauma-related symptoms.

Having trouble falling or staying asleep? This handout provides psycho-education, tips and tricks to do just that.

Are you having a panic attack? What do you do if you’re having one? Find out in this free PDF!

What is mindfulness, and how do I practice it? Get answers to these questions and more by downloading this free therapy resource!

Want to practice mindfulness, but have NO idea where to start? The Mindful Buddy is here to help!

Find more of Rebecca’s therapy and mental health resources here.

Free Coloring Pages

Drawn by Rebecca.

Other Useful Resources

Pushing Back on Perfectionism

This article from Northwestern’s counseling blog gives detailed info on perfectionism and how to cope. Check it out!

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