The Practice of Mindful Eating

Anything you do – from washing dishes, to walking, to talking, to eating – can be a mindfulness practice. To turn a mundane action into a mindfulness practice, all you must do is stay in the present moment. That means being attentive to the five senses as you experience something, moment by moment. When theContinue reading “The Practice of Mindful Eating”

“The miracle of being alive”

“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.” – Thich Nhat Hanh We live so much of our lives asleep. We escape into our phones, TV, alcohol, drugs… we do everything we can not to feel suffering. But if we are never present to our suffering, we may also be shuttingContinue reading ““The miracle of being alive””

No. More. Quick. Fixes.

Mindful Monday – June 11, 2018 “You cannot see a tree as it grows. Only with time can you see its progress.” – Nicole Addison “Lose belly fat fast with this weird old trick!” “Make 2018 your healthiest year yet!” “Get rid of stress, now!” It is human nature to want a quick fix. That’sContinue reading “No. More. Quick. Fixes.”

How to Stop Stressing Out

Mindful Monday – April 2, 2018 Stress: We all do it. We all have it. What are you stressed about right now? Here are some guesses: Student loans, school shootings, bills, family problems, grades, traffic, the weather… Stress always finds a good reason for existing. Here’s my foolproof, four-part system that will help you stopContinue reading “How to Stop Stressing Out”